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Russia Visa


  1. Signed Passport with 6 months of validity and at least 2 blank visa page side by side.
  2. Completed VISA Application
  3. Click: https://visa.kdmid.ru
    *Application form must be completed online using the electronic visa application form.
  4. 1 Color Passport Photo with a white background (2x2)
  5. Copy of your travel itinerary (Standard Tourist Confirmation and Voucher from authorized Tourist Company or hotel in Russia)
  6. Copy of the Birth Certificate and both parents’ passports (MINORS ONLY)
    *Foreign passport holders will need to provide document(s) showing legal status in the U.S &
    Valid Worldwide Health Insurance or guarantee of medical coverage from a Russian hosting organization, for the duration of your trip.
  7. A cover letter from your travel agency or from yourself if you are traveling individually, containing the applicant’s name or an alphabetical list of the group; dates and points of arrival and departure in and from Russia and means of transportation; itinerary in Russia; index and reference number of the receiving organization.


BUSINESS VISA - Items 1-3 from above, as well as:

  • A Letter of invitation issued and stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (can be e mailed or faxed). For multiple entries, the original letter will be required.
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