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China Visa


  1. Passport with 6 months of validity and at least 1 blank visa page
  2. Completed VISA Application
     中华人民共和国2013版签证申请表/Visa Application Form (Form V. 2013) of the People's Republic of China
    *Application form must be typed, completely filled out, and signed. HAND-WRITTEN APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. ALL blank spaces must be filled in with "N/A".  1.9  Local ID number would be your driver's license number. Question 1.17 Include job title with employer and school information
  3. 1 Color Passport Photo with a white background (2x2)
  4. Photocopy of the roundtrip airline ticket and hotel reservation or Invitation Letter from a friend or family member in China.
  5. Photocopy of the front and back of a valid I.D.
  6. Click here for Chinese Additional Information Form
  7. Click here for Chinese Media Form
  8. Click here for Chinese Job Description Form
  9. Copy of birth certificate and both parents’ passports (MINORS ONLY)
    *Former Chinese Nationals must submit a copy of the previous Chinese visa or a copy of their former Chinese passport.
    * Foreign Passport holders will be required to provide their ORIGINAL green card or Visa for the United States and original I-94.
    *NOTE: Non-US citizens, student visa or work visa applicants also need to complete the Supplementary Application Form.

Additional information: http://houston.china-consulate.org/eng/

BUSINESS (F) VISA – Items 1-4 from above, as well as:

  • Business cover letter from US company or invitation letter from China.


STUDENT VISA – Items 1-4 from above, as well as:

  • A copy of your approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW101 or JW202).
  • The applicant who will study in China for more than six months must also complete the Physical Examination Record
    Click here for the Physical Examination Record
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