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India Visa

                   TOURIST/FAMILY VISA

  1. Signed Passport with 6 months of validity and at least 2 blank visa page side by side.
  2. Completed VISA Application
    Click here for the application
    *Application form must be typed, completely filled out, and signed. HAND-WRITTEN APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. ALL blank spaces must be filled in with "N/A" including sections 7.1-7.6. Question 1.11 Local ID number would be your driver's license number. 
  3. For additional information visit http://www.in.ckgs.us/visa/visa-application-guide.shtml Click on PROCEED TO APPLY
  4. 1 Color Passport Photos with a white background (2x2)
  5. Proof of address - photocopy of state issued I.D., Driver’s License, or major utility bill.
    *Minors must submit proof of address from both of their parents or legal guardians.
  6. Copy of the Birth Certificate and both parents’ passports (MINORS ONLY)
  7. Copy of both sides of the US green card or U.S. Visa (NON U.S. CITIZENS ONLY)


BUSINESS VISA – Items 1-4 from above, as well as:

  • Visa Notifications Form from an authorized Chinese Unit, or invitation letter from the host company, meeting or exhibition organizers in China, or an introduction letter from applicant's US company
  • For information visit:  http://www.in.ckgs.us/visa/visa-application-guide.shtml
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